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What Is The Best LMS Platform?

Opinion on the best LMS or e-learning platform may vary.

In the search for the ideal tool, the number of features is important , of course, but it is even more important that it is intuitive.

This is one of the reasons why Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) chose Canvas in a project to transform the institution’s digital l for 2019, an increasing preference among educational institutions around the world.

Pat James, executive director of the Online Education Initiative, a collaborative organization created by universities in California, explained the main benefit that institutions using Canvas have realized.

What changes is the greater diversity of options ?

Students will have more possibilities to choose between a face-to-face or online course of excellence. The decision will be according to your preference.This applies above all to technical and university education, company training and various professional qualification courses.

As for basic and fundamental education, they occur in a phase of integral formation of the person, in which social interaction with colleagues and teachers is essential.

Richard Pinner, a professor at Sophia University Tokyo, shared his thoughts on the Uniliterate blog and the eLearning Industry website .

Both the LMS and the AVA have the same functionalities .

The difference, in Pinner’s reading, is in the use that is usually made of platforms.

He argues that, generally, LMS systems are used for training employees in companies, while AVA serves educational purposes.