LMS System

Features Of An LMS System:

LMS System

In addition to text, image, audio, video, tests, chat and forum support as we mentioned earlier, an LMS system has other particularities.

Some of them, which we can find on various platforms , are:

  • For administrators, controlling student records and creating waitlists
  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Calendar of activities and courses
  • Division of contents and tasks into learning modules, which are opened as the student progresses
  • For evaluators, environment with the history of activities performed by the student
  • Management of notifications about courses, discussions and new content, activity feedback and incoming messages.

Those looking for a system for corporate use may have different needs, which some platforms focused on this niche serve better.

For example, integrating the software with the human resources management system is a very useful feature for HR professionals.

The key is to know what you need in terms of features when choosing the platform and, if possible, test the options before making the decision.

Advantages And Benefits Of An LMS System

One of the most interesting aspects about the learning management system LMS System is that its advantages are the same for the organizations that adopt it and for the students: practicality and savings in time and money .

Anyone who thinks that investing in creating an online course takes a lot of effort and money has a narrow view.

Educators will focus on creating quality content, providing case studies, producing videos on the LMS System itself, and hard work on active learning methodologies to attract students’ attention. So once the course is ready, most of the work is done.

Regarding the content, it is of course important to review and update the content periodically, in addition, of course, to be available to answer questions and evaluate the tasks performed.

The organization, whether a company or university, will also not need to worry about the availability of physical structure for classes.On the part of the students, they will not need to travel to the place and will be able to study at the time they think best and feel more motivated.

Hosting Or Cloud Usage?

For the user who will use the LMS System as a student, access will always be via the cloud or via an application on a mobile device.

The need to install software on your personal computer is obsolete – no one else develops solutions this way.

For the educational institution or company that acquires the tool, however, there is a doubt regarding hosting.Some organizations have a greater need for platform control and customization , so they choose to host it on their own servers.

In this case, they need robust IT teams to manage server configurations and perform necessary maintenance.

Because of this greater complexity, most organizations prefer cloud hosting.

In this way, the supplier is concerned with the technical LMS System issues related to the server, allowing the contractor to focus on what matters most : the course content and the quality LMS System of teaching.

What Will Happen In The Future?

There is no reason to doubt that distance  LMS System learning will continue to grow in Brazil and worldwide.

As we highlighted earlier, the new generations are already arriving at universities fully immersed in the world of hyperconnectivity.

The same goes for the job market – a trend that we can observe with the growth in the number of professionals working in the home office model .It is important to highlight that this change in the student’s profile is not just about the form, that is, where he studies, at what time, with what devices.

Distance learning also implies greater autonomy for the student .

This means that he needs to have a different mindset, with more discipline and self-management than is required in the traditional model.

The face-to-face class model, by the way, should not die, despite the undeniable rise of distance education.

The personal contact of students with each other and with the teacher will never lose importance – and there will always be those who do not give up on it.


The LMS System, or learning management system, is a type of software that makes distance learning much more practical and efficient .

LMS System tools bring solutions for a complete experience, both for the educator and the student.They are a great opportunity for those who live far from a large urban center, want excellent training, but are unable to enroll in a face-to-face course.

For educational institutions, having a good LMS System solution allows them to focus more efforts on developing quality content .

In short, it is the typical case of a win-win relationship, as it brings advantages to both sides.An intuitive LMS System and a well-structured instructional plan can make distance learning as good or even better than face-to-face learning.


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